features wizard driven templates

Wizard-Driven Creation of Templates and Forms

Infiniti’s drag-and-drop wizard means that business users with limited technical experience can create sophisticated templates and forms quickly and easily. Infiniti makes it simple for administrators to collect and use data, to dynamically produce data-driven documentation in a responsive, accurate and internally pre-approved manner. Creating and maintaining content is completely automated according to built-in business rules, which reduces the cost of maintenance, for instance by enabling a significant template consolidation. Read more

Infiniti’s templates and forms are a powerful, versatile feature for facilitating two-way communication between customers and organisations. Design of forms and templates can be business function centric and permission driven to cater for specialist input. With Infiniti templates and forms, data is accurate, relevant and efficient whereby form content can be adapted to user response. Templates and forms are optimised for mobile devices with smart offline features that enable flexible data collection, consumption and transformation that can be defined by the business.
features integration

Integration with Complementary Systems

Infiniti seamlessly integrates with a vast amount of third party systems – including existing CRM/ERP systems, document management systems, input and call centre systems, and special development systems – to boost customer engagement and improve end user experience. Integrating a business system with Infiniti increases efficiency and makes data more valuable and useful. Read more

Infiniti empowers you to supplement and protect your existing technology investments, by interacting with existing systems in a more dynamically way, using business rules to access data from several data sources simultaneously. Infiniti offers out-of-the-box bi-directional integrations with over 60 information systems, such as MS Dynamcis, MS SharePoint, Salesforce, ChangePoint and many more. Well-documented APIs make existing data immediately actionable.
features personalised output

Personalised Output

With Infiniti, companies can facilitate output generation in a variety of formats and multiple channels, on a scalable platform. This data transformation capability leverages authentic sources of data to enable business users to produce personalised outputs with add-in logic, calculations and process decisions based on defined criteria. This personalised communication tailors the content and the communication channel to be appropriate and relevant, and enhances the customer experience. Read more

Infiniti’s document automation capability harnesses business rules to improve operational efficiency and ensure the immediacy, accuracy, consistency, and professionalism of documentation. By streamlining business processes, establishing order, reducing human error, centrally managing common content and enforcing business branding such as logos and layouts, Infiniti makes it easier to produce and distribute effective customer communication.
features analytics

Optimised Accountability with Activity Analytics

Infiniti records every single transaction from document creation to output delivery, thereby gathering deep insight into business processes and providing valuable business intelligence. Enabling a step by step analysis of all activities, Infiniti ensures compliancy to regulated tasks and provides invaluable feedback on business process analysis. Read more

Infiniti’s ability to granularly trace each and every activity permits organisations to obtain evidence of tasks being performed within given timeframes, according to set business rules and by appropriate business function. Monitoring all aspects of document creation, input and output Infiniti has unique insights allowing organisations to focus on service improvements, efficiency gains and job satisfaction thereby contributing significantly to the overall success.

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features rules engine reporting

Rules Engine and Reporting

Infiniti’s sophisticated rules engine and reporting features make it easy for business users to interact with timely, relevant information. Infiniti uses advanced data-mining technologies to provide insight and business intelligence on document generation and communication processes.

features data compliance

Data Compliance

With Infiniti, producing data-driven, compliant documentation is simple—no coding or scripting is required as Infiniti ensures that documents are accurate and consistent. Infiniti maintains an audit trail for all generated documents to improve accountability.

features centralised management

Centralised Management

Infiniti allows you to centrally manage users, documents and data from a web interface, which means that internal users can collaborate on projects, while external users can access and input information. It also means that installing and upgrading Infiniti is hassle-free.

features multiformat output

Multi-Format Output

Infiniti can generate email messages (with information such as names, carbon copy contacts, configured email body text and HTML) or create automated documents in formats such as XML, PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT, RTF and OpenDoc.

features multichannel delivery

Multi-Channel Delivery

Infiniti can route documents to a print queue, email, fax, XML, or email gateway, for mass printing or electronic fulfillment, and documents can be routed to repository storage. Infiniti’s multi-channel delivery significantly reduces distribution and processing costs.

features permission driven


Infiniti’s permission-driven authorisation system ensures that content remains secure, consistent and accurate without causing unnecessary inconvenience, thereby facilitating a business-function centric approach.

features metadata


Metadata ensures automated content is easily archived, retrieved and preserved. Infiniti attaches metadata to documents to make it easier to categorise, index, store, search and retrieve data.

features scalable


Infiniti is robust, and scales to handle substantial volumes of data.

features multi lingual

Multi-Lingual Web Interface

To suit the global business environment, Infiniti is currently available in several languages.

features open architecture

Open Service Architecture

Infiniti is built on an open service-orientated architecture which allows it to leverage open formats and technologies to provide a richer solution to customers.

features batch processing

Batch Processing

Infiniti supports batch processing to leverage authentic sources of data and manage large volume scheduled outputs. Batch processes include data validation and write back.

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