Return on Investment

There is growing pressure for companies to work smarter and more efficiently, to achieve higher levels of customer engagement, and to improve regulatory compliance. The good news is that Cloudito is here to help.

Infiniti’s dynamic data-driven documentation creation and output solution nurtures and controls complex processes to help companies do more with less – for less. Infiniti customers regularly achieve return on investment in months, rather than years.

By implementing Infiniti, companies regularly achieve:

  • 200-500% time saving in the process of documentation creation and output
  • Generation of documents in less than 1 minute
  • 80% improvement on quoting and approval times
  • 80% reduction in costs for document generation and smart web forms

In addition, you can expect:

Seamless integration

Infiniti integrates seamlessly with complimentary business applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, HP TRIM and other databases. This means that you can make the most of your existing technology investments, information and data.

Template design control

Documents created using Infiniti are future-proof which means that they are version independent and retrievable at any point in time. Template design and maintenance do not require IT specialists, which can significantly reduce staffing costs.

More time for what’s important

Infiniti reduces the burden of paper work and red tape through business process automation. Our workflow functionality will allow your staff to be more productive on higher-value duties.

Targeted customer communications

Infiniti allows you to use existing data to produce customized marketing content, to create communication messages that resonate with your target market across multiple channels.

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